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Bath and its affluent city centre brimming with Roman history, the city of Bath has always been a favourite with tourists; with thousands flocking here every year. One of the best ways to get around in the hectic streets is to use a bicycle, allowing you to navigate around quickly reaching your chosen destination.

The city, together with the help of the North Somerset council, has launched the trial of a revolutionary method of hiring bicycles. Being tested from the 26th September for 10 months, the system works by using a specially designed smart card, purchased various city tourism sites, to release a bicycle from any of the 4 designated stations around the city. How much time you can spend on your bike is dependent on how much you pay. The system is already being operated in other cities such as Turin and Rome with both being a success.

The project is part of the “European CIVITAS renaissance” project, 5 year programme aiming to test out innovations in urban transport. Bath is one of cities that include Perugia (Italy), Skopje (Macedonia), Szczecinek (Poland) and Gorna Oryahovista (Bulgaria) that are taking part in the project.

It gives the city a modern transformation on the traditional method of cycle hire, this way means people can simply pick up a bike whenever they want from which every area of the city they are currently in. The service, costing just £1 for the first hour, also allows users to take the bicycles back to which ever station convenient to them. This results in a reliable, quick and very cost effective method of transport.

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