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Roman Baths By Martin Pettitt

Historical Roman Spa Baths in Bath

The historic and picturesque Somerset city of Bath has a synonymous connection with many periods of history which span 100’s of years. The most notable influence was the occupation by the Roman Empire from around 60AD, when the Romans discovered the famous hot spa water, fed by the area’s underground hot springs.

Previously these underground hot spring mineral waters were treated as a shrine by the Iron Age Britons, but when the Romans arrived they quickly established this area as a warm source of water for bathing. It was also around this time when the Romans decided to build a Bath House on top of the natural geothermal mineral spring waters to harness this resource. These Roman Baths can still be seen today and has been extremely well preserved for visitors to witness. Bath was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

These “Bath springs” are the warmest geothermal springs found in the British Isles. After the Roman period the city saw later development of Bath as the country’s leading eighteenth and early nineteenth century health resort.

Today in complete contrast to the Romans Baths, you can also visit the “Thermae Bath Spa” next door to the ancient Roman Baths. This is a mixture architecture where the contemporary building spa building meets the historical spa. The Thermae Bath Spa offers visitors a relaxing ambient and therapeutic Spa experience, with many therapies on offer. Venturing up onto the rooftop, you will find large spa pool, from which you can view beautiful panoramic landscape of the city and overlook its Georgian architecture, which is in abundance.

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