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You are sure to have heard of the large town of Scarborough, located on the coast in North Yorkshire the town is one of the largest holiday resorts in the whole of the region. Over the years Scarborough has seen a huge influx of travellers and holiday makers, but the town itself has produced many famous and notable people. All types of notable people have come from the town such as actors, members of parliament and even musical idols.

Scarborough has produced many actors and actresses over the years, the most famous of which is Ben Kingsley. Most renowned for his portrayal of Gandhi in the film of the same title and released in 1982 the film brought Kingsley national acclaim and an academy award for best actor in a leading role. Many other residents have featured in film and television roles including Joanne Froggatt who has appeared in programmes such as Downton Abbey, Robin Hood and Life on Mars. Another Scarborough resident who has graced our screens is the actress Penelope Wilton has been cast in many British productions such as Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and the film Shaun of the Dead.

Plenty of writers have also come from Scarborough or taken up residence over the years.  Authors of note include the author Susan Hill and Graham Taylor. Graham Taylor is better known by the name G. P. Taylor and has written best sellers such as Shadowmancer and Wormwood.

Lastly, you may well remember the song ‘Addicted to Love’, well that was written by another Scarborough resident, the late Robert Palmer. Featuring a whole host of models dressed in black and miming with music instruments the song reached number one in the US billboard charts and climbed up the UK charts back in 1986.

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