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In this blog we take a look at one of the quirkiest science centres in the UK, the Whitby Wizard.

If you’re up in the north east of the country and looking for something to do while on a day out and about with the children then the Whitby Wizard might just be the thing for you.

Referred to as ‘the quirkiest science centre museum in the U.K’; this fantastic museum takes inspiration from other world famous science museums like the Exploratorium in San Francisco or the Questacon Science Circus based in Canberra. It features a huge array of curious exhibitions and educational hands-on exhibits, making it an ideal day out for both the children and the parents.

The ‘hands-on’ focus of the museum is part of what makes the experience such and entertaining day out. The exhibits are all custom built interactive ‘prototypes’ and because of this are only found here in the museum. This makes for a great chance for adults and children alike to experience science like they never have before. It’s an educational extravaganza that will help you understand more of the scientific world education by encouraging the use of your five senses, smell, hearing, touch, vision and taste.

The Whitby Wizard is located on the West Cliff, near Whitby’s seafront, and it makes for a great day out for all the family. So if you’re staying in any of the nearby Whitby Accommodation, or maybe in one of the nearby Robin Hoods Bay Hotels, why not pop down and see all the many curiosities the Whitby Wizard has to offer.

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