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The Derbyshire Peak District is one of the most wonderful areas and of the UK countryside, with its variety of breathtaking landscape. It is no wonder that it was the first designated “National Park” in the British Isles back in 1951 and it is now one of the most visited National Parks.

This area was where the industrial revolution started back in the 1800’s, with the opening of the mills and the introduction of the railway network in the region, which meant goods could be easily transported down to cities like London or to the ports for shipping overseas.

Even though the industrial revolution has long since passed, the remains of the era can still be seen around the landscape. There are many mills which have been restored as part of the area’s historical heritage or as museums to depict this bygone times for visitors.

Many of the rail links have closed in the area, but again their influence and remains can still be seen on the landscape, with the many remaining bridges, viaducts and old station’s dotted around countryside. But now these historical rail routes offer another purpose or a useful way of navigation.

These old disused railways have been thoughtfully and carefully converted into cycle tracks and footpaths around the Peak District region and it’s National Park. So now you can navigate your way along any one of the many footpaths and cycling routes around this beautiful part of the British countryside and take in the amazing scenery along the way.

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