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Cornwall is well known as a great family holiday location by many people around the world with people heading there with their families every year. Cottage holidays are often a popular choice, especially for families looking to enjoy a more relaxed holiday accommodation solution. It is often worth booking early to avoid disappointment at the best of...
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If you are planning a winter holiday or a weekend break down in the East Sussex and South Downs area, even though you might not realise it, you will be heading into English wine country. It is a unique area with its coastal proximity and the minerally chalky soil composition of the South Downs, making it the perfect spot for wine and in particular sparkling...
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Shopping in the historical city of Bath with its honey-coloured Georgian buildings is a treat in itself; it’s almost like being on a film set of a Jane Austen film with its beautiful architecture. To add to that is the abundance of eclectic shops, boutiques and local markets, Bath has to offer. Whether it’s stopping for a traditional cup of tea...
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Theatre Adventures Around Brixham

Posted by on November 29, 2011
During a day on the English Riviera there are many adventures waiting for you, from historical sights to see, scenic coastal walks to explore and plenty of relaxing places to experience like one of the many picturesque sandy beaches. So why not consider something different during an evening?
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If you have ever wandered around the historic city of Bath, you can’t help but take in the plethora of sights and sounds around the beautiful city. You’re sure to be have been in awe of its magnificent Georgian buildings, admired the artefacts and possibly listened to your tour guide tell you about the mineral water springs were discovered by the...
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Skiing versus Snowboarding

Posted by on November 24, 2011
There is an age old debate when it comes to winter sports, skiing versus snowboarding! The die-hards from each sport will try telling you why theirs is superior, but the truth of the matter is, they can both be great fun and is more down to personal preference. In this blog post we will look at some of the differences to help you make your mind up. Skiing...
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When choosing a ski resort for the first time, it can be hard to know which one to book. Do you spend countless hours reading reviews, listening to numerous opinions from fiends or trust the resorts offered by holiday companies. Here are a few of the top ski resorts inEuropefor you to consider when making your choice. Meribel This wonderful resort...
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Anyone visiting Brixham on the 18th of November will be in for a real musical treat, as playing the Brixham Theatre are Chris Garrick and the Budapest Cafe Orchestra.
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