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Budapest Cafe OrchestraAnyone visiting Brixham on the 18th of November will be in for a real musical treat, as playing the Brixham Theatre are Chris Garrick and the Budapest Cafe Orchestra.

The Budapest Café Orchestra are small band who have been inspired by the music of European gypsies and lively folk music. They offer their own style of flamboyant, impassioned and often tender music on guitar, violins, accordion, double bass and balalaika (A Russian instrument, triangular in shape, with three strings and produces sounds similar that of a mandolin).

Although the Budapest Café Orchestra sounds like a foreign group, the band actually hail from the outskirts of London, just off the North Circular road in small place called Haringay, as opposed to somewhere more appropriate like along the Danube River.

This performance also features the acclaimed jazz violinist Chris Garrick is accompanying the Budapest Café Orchestra and offers his own style of jazz violin into the mix of electrifying compositions.

The band has a mix of unique musical talent, which offers entrancing folk songs from Russia and the Ukraine, with blistering Hungarian czardas, lively dance tunes from Romania and Bulgaria, grief-stricken ballads and their own compositions. It has been said that the Budapest Cafe Orchestra will cast an intoxicating spell on all who experience their wonderful performances.

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Image Credit: highlightsnorth (Flickr)

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