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If you have ever wandered around the historic city of Bath, you can’t help but take in the plethora of sights and sounds around the beautiful city. You’re sure to be have been in awe of its magnificent Georgian buildings, admired the artefacts and possibly listened to your tour guide tell you about the mineral water springs were discovered by the Romans in 75 AD. You have probably seen one of the many talented street buskers whilst visiting some of the city’s many art galleries or museums.

Everyday normally around 10 am you will be sure to find something to watch or listen to, usually in the Abbey churchyard where the majority of the performances last for about an hour. Throughout the year you can often find free to watch busking sessions, where you can hang around to see something different. Its not only music and singing you can experience, but also the likes of puppeteers, contact juggling and even a tight rope walker playing the violin.

If you are lucky you may get to hear the magical sounds of the Halo drum with its soft subtle ethereal like tones floating through the air. As you walk past one of the many tree lined squares you may find a man sitting under a tree serenading passers by playing a twelve string Spanish guitar. What ever your musical taste there is something for everyone so keep wandering and listen out for something that captures your imagination in a city that is full of surprises.

So for you next trip to Bath why not enjoy one of the cities Spa Breaks, or consider staying in one of the Bath City Centre Hotels as a convenient and central accommodation for all this lovely city’s historical attractions.

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