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st michaels mount cornwall

Cornwall is well known as a great family holiday location by many people around the world with people heading there with their families every year. Cottage holidays are often a popular choice, especially for families looking to enjoy a more relaxed holiday accommodation solution. It is often worth booking early to avoid disappointment at the best of times, especially during the school holiday periods.

It could now be even more important to book your holiday much earlier. Why? You might say. Often people think that it is easier to book a British holiday compared to a foreign holiday but this could be a huge under-estimation.

It’s no secret that the current financial climate is bleak. There isn’t really any other way of describing it. Now there are even more talks of a double dip recession here in theUKjust to add to the misery. How does this affect me booking a holiday you may ask? Lots of people are going to be thinking about choosing a holiday in theUKto save money.Cornwallis one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country so as you can imagine availability could quickly become limited in the best places.

There will likely always be accommodation available, and if you are brave you could hang back to try to pick up a good late deal Cornish holiday cottage, but if like lots of other people you have to book your holidays to fit in with the kid’s time off school the options can shrink pretty quickly!

So my advice to you is that if you are planning on booking a holiday cottage in Cornwall next year is why not book it early to save the stress and disappointment?


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