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Although Whitby is mostly well know for its beautiful beaches and fascinating history, there is also a slightly more sinister twist to the town;Whitbyis the home of one of the world’s most famous literary monsters: Count Dracula.

Whitby’s link to the Dracula Novel comes from its hillside monastery ruin, first spotted by the author, Bram Stokers, on a visit to the town. It’s not hard to see why the ruin was such an inspiration either, with its gothic arches and eerie nighttime silhouette. The town itself also played its part in the book, with its winding streets and the spooky graveyard, it’s no wonder the town inspired the author to write his spooky classic.

The reason the book was such a classic was not just down to the town though, Bram Stokers was originally a talented journalist; his method of writing with “multiple narrators,” telling the same tale from different perspectives, tricked the reader into thinking ‘they can’t all be lying.’

If you want to learn more about the author, and this fantastic book, while in the area then a trip to the Dracula Experience is a must. The Dracula Experience is setup to take you on a journey through eight scenes starting with Bram Stoker himself creating the story of Dracula while looking out over Whitby, it then goes on to recreate various other scenes from the book to give you a real feel for the story.

This really is a great experience for anyone staying in either one of the Whitby Hotels or the nearby Robin Hoods Bay Accommodation.

Image Credit: epicnom (Flickr.com)

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