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If you like nothing more than indulging your taste buds by treating them to tastes from around the world, then you can’t go far wrong by booking yourself into a Whitby Hotel and whiling away the days enjoying the brilliant cuisines of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire isn’t often the first place that springs to mind when you think of food destinations of the world, but it does have a long history of foods associated with it. Let’s take the most obvious: the humble Yorkshire pudding. It’s such a simple dish, one that’s been a staple in the British Sunday Lunch since 1737 and with good reason.

The area features other classics too; one that’s still in production here is the famous Wensleydale Cheese. The Wensleydale Creamery has been hand producing the tangy cheese for more than 100 years, that’s a whole lot of cheese making experience. The fresh acidic tang and subtle honeyed flavor makes this cheese a favorite all over the world

The Yorkshire area is also famed for a number of other treats. On a trip here you can experience the much maligned Curd tart, the tasty treat that is a traditional Parkin, sweet ginger cake for those with more of a sweet tooth, ginger beer, dark and bitter Liquorice and a whole range of other confectionary produced at some of the counties famous factories: Rowntree’s, Terry’s and Thornton’s.

If that’s not enough to tempt you into some of the great Whitby Accommodation in the area then maybe knowing that Yorkshire also has a beautiful scenic countryside, modern cities and a whole range of attractions will.

Image Credit: ZapTheDingbat (Flickr.com)

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