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Here is a must see ‘3 Things to See and Do’ for when you next visit East Sussex or if you are looking for things to add to your itinerary to enhance your visit to one of the most beautiful counties in the British Isles.

Visit Historic Rye
First is the beautiful historical coastal town of Rye on the south coast. Historically, it was a very important sea port as the neighbouring French Port of Calais was sometimes a little too close for comfort in times of war against the French.

Now the village is a beautiful representation of a time gone by, but also carefully preserved by the locals and ideal for a Rye holiday. Rye is also well known for its marshlands and the nature reserve that is situated within this scenic area.

The Seven Sisters
This is one of the many picturesque and coastal scenic areas you will find along the southern coastline of Sussex. The Seven Sisters gets its name from the classic chalk cliff scenic outcrop which depicts 7 peaks along the amazing coastline, where you will clearly see the line of seven white cliffs. This is particularly stunning when viewed on a bright, sunny day.

Palace Pier, Brighton
If you are coming to Brighton, you cannot visit the city without a making a trip down to the seafront to the pebble beach and take a stroll along Brighton’s inviting Palace Pier. It was built in the Victorian era, when Brighton became a top seaside resort for everyone from the working class, right up to the reigning monarchs.

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