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Robin Hood's Bay in Yorkshire is a great place to visit during a stay in a Whitby hotel.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Bods.

Yorkshireis a great holiday destination, especially around its coast. Whether you are staying at hotels in Whitby or hotels in Scarborough, there are a whole host of ways for you to get out and about, making use of this wonderful part of the English geography. However, we’re going to concentrate on just one location today, but it’s a spot that is rich in activities and things to see, somewhere that you could easily spend a day or more looking around.

That spot is Robin Hood’s Bay, a village on Yorkshire’s coast, betweenWhitbyandScarborough, that is picturesque, beautiful and charming. It’s rumoured to have taken its name from the Robin Hood legend in which the infamous do-gooder fought off some French plunderers and returned the loot to the village. This may have led to the thriving smuggling trade that built up in the village during the 1700s.

As for things to see, thelong beachoffers plenty of opportunities for exploration. It’s not a wonderful beach for swimming or playing in the sand, but there are plenty of pools to clamber around and the cliffs that rise up on either side are spectacular.

The village itself has plenty to see too. The Falling Foss Waterfall is a must see, and the tea garden that accompanies to gives you the perfect chance to sit down and recuperate, ready to begin heading around the steep, cobbled streets of the village once again. The museum is also of interest, and you can learn about Robin Hood’s Bay’s fascinating lifeboat history.

So, next time you’re holidaying inYorkshire, take a trip to this wonderful village.

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