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A picture of Romney Marsh, which you can visit during a stay in a Sussex hotel.

Image courtesy of Flickr user yellow book.

If somebody said to you that they were heading to hotels in Sussex, you might ask if they were going to head to the South Downs, or spend a day shopping inBrighton, or whether they were planning on heading out on some of the woodland footpaths and bridleways that are abundant in the county. However, if they said that they weren’t planning on doing any of that, but were instead heading to see some ofSussex’s best marshland, you might begin to wonder if they were pulling your leg.

Unless, of course, you knew just what Sussex’s marshland could promise to those heading to East Sussex hotels. The county’s wetlands have plenty going on that will provide more than enough to fill anybody’s holiday in the region. There are historical trails past villages that used to exist centuries ago, and routes that will get you some great views across the eerily flat landscapes. Romney Marsh is full of things like this.

Something that visitors enjoy year after year though, are the wetland wildlife activities or conservational and educational facilities set up in the region. The Pevensey Levels stick out in the mind for this.

The Wildlife and Wetland Trust have some of the best activities that you’ll find located near Arundel. With them, you can go on boat safaris through the wetlands with a guide to point out the wildlife and plants to you, walk through the reeds around the wetlands to enjoy what is a fairly rare experience in theUK, and much, much more!

So, next time you’re inSussex, give the marshes a chance.


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