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The picturesque coastline of the English Riviera has always been a popular place to visit over the decades; historically, the area’s industry was primarily driven by the maritime and fishing industries, as well as local agriculture.

Then, the rise of the industrial revolution and extension of the railway network down to the South West and deep into Devon and Cornwall brought the opportunity for average Victorian working class people and families to have a holiday away from the factories and cities where they worked.The name ‘the English Riviera’ was coined in the 1920’s from the highly fashionable Côte d’Azur on the Southern French coastline, which was at the time referred to as the French Riviera.

The English Riviera is mainly comprised of the three coastal towns of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, which are all highly popular today as Torbay holiday seaside resorts.

Each of these delightful seaside town resorts has their own character and attributes; Torquay, being the larger of the locations, has a plethora of local annual attractions and places to visit. There are a wide array of restaurants, café’s, tea rooms, museums, theatres, clubs and concert venues which offer all year round entertainment.

Paignton is slightly smaller than its larger neighbour, has many similar things to offer to Torquay, but is its own unique place. This is also a popular destination for families, as you can walk right off the beach and into the town centre, where there is a wide range of amenities and facilities on offer.

Lastly, Brixham is the smallest of the three, but this by no means reduces the town’s importance or the significance of it as a holiday destination. If anything, it’s slightly more ‘family friendly’, as everything is within close proximity to the town centre. So, if you are looking for a caravan park Torbay or a caravan site around the Brixham area, you will have plenty of choice and be ideally located for your holiday.

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