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Whitby is a picturesque seaside town located on the North Yorkshire coast, situated between Scarborough and Redcar in the North East of United Kingdom. This coastal town is steeped in history through the ages and offers all visitors some of the most beautiful scenery and well preserved countryside to be found in the British Isles.

Since the Victorian era and with the expansion of the railway network across England during that time, Whitby has become a popular holiday destination for visitors of all ages. Although back in the town’s early history was recorded originally recorded as a dwelling as far back as AD 656 and the ancient ruins of Whitby Abbey are a reminder of that period which was built by the Anglo-Saxons.

The towns offers visitors easy access to the near by North Yorkshire Moors, which gives many visitors who stay in Whitby accommodation or Hotels near Scarborough a diverse choice of landscape and coastline to explore. So depending on whether you prefer the beautiful rolling hills and the heather in the North York’s Moors or the scenic coastline vistas which are accessible to anyone wanting to explore the coastal footpaths.

Whitby is centered around its historical fishing harbour area; the town has had a long affinity with the maritime world. The harbour is still a busy vibrant working harbour port and offers visitors a chance to get to see the fishermen and their boats up close. You might even get a chance to see them land their daily catch if you are up early enough in the morning.

The towns most historical Mariner has got to be Captain James Cook the English explorer, he actually learnt his trade as a seaman shipping coal from the port. Incidentally, his famous ship HMS Endeavour which he later commanded plus later discovering Australia and New Zealand was built in Whitby in 1764.

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