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The south west coastline in the United Kingdom has some of the best surfing locations the British Isles, with Cornwall having by far the lions share for surf related sports. Fortunately for Cornwall the county’s peninsula is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean, which means the Cornish coastline offers a diverse and wide array of beaches, coves and places to surf.

So here we have shortlisted a selection of beaches which are worth your consideration if you are planning to visit Cornwall and would like to seek out some surfing beaches.

Located not far along the coast from the coastal town of Bude situated on the Cornwall’s North West shore, Widemouth Bay is a popular local surfing spot and ideal for all surfing abilities from beginners through to advanced levels. The beach and bay at Widemouth gets its name from its “wide mouth” and offers visitors an idyllic long sandy beach area with plenty of room for surfers and beach dwellers during busy times.

Cornwall’s Fistral beach is synonymous with surfing and probably the best known and most widely visited Cornish surfing beach of them all. Surfing at Fistral beach is highly regarded and hosts most of the best UK surfing competitions, especially the renowned UK leg of the World Boardmasters Championships. Fistral features a short but strong beach break, with a sometimes strong rip tide, so you have to be aware of this. This beach is most suited for strong swimmers and intermediate to experienced surfers.

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