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Edinburgh Whisky StramashScotland is well known for the quality of its whisky, as well as the sheer number of different brands that are produced north of the border. The idea of an exciting and mysterious festival celebrating it, on the other hand, may not be so familiar; this, however, is just what the Edinburgh Whisky Stramash will be hoping to stage later in the year.

Taking place over three four-hour sessions on the 26th and 27th May, this extraordinary occasion is promoting itself as an altogether different alternative to the traditional, ‘stuffy’ events with which the drink is usually associated. Featuring a murder mystery, bespoke whisky cocktails and a staggering selection of samples from around the globe, the Stramash will also see special appearances from characters traditionally linked to the liquor, including a barber surgeon, a monk and the devil!

So, be sure to look up hotels in Edinburgh today and experience this incredible celebration of all things whisky.

Image credit: David Wagner

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