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The North Yorkshire region offers wide and varied range of regional attractions and places to visit for visitors to this area on their holidays. If you are staying in Whitby hotels, the area offers you some of the best countryside scenery to be found anywhere in this part of England, with the North York Moors on their doorstep.

Many people widely regard the North Yorkshire region to be one of the most greenest in England, due to both its northerly location and the wide open spaces of beautiful rural countryside, which includes; the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors located in this part of the UK.

The picturesque seaside town of Whitby historically was known for its shipbuilding industry but, as time has gone on this is a distant memory. Another aspect of Whitby’s history is its Viking heritage, as it was visited on many occasions by Viking raiders. The town is reputed to given its name by the Norse raiders and translates as ‘white settlement’, which is probably due to the local limestone cliffs and geology in the area.

If you plan to stay in Scarborough accommodation the area offers visitors a popular holiday destination with a beautiful scenic coastal location, within easy reach of many of the local sights and attractions. Scarborough is the larger of the towns in this region and in comparison to Whitby it is a relatively modern town.

Scarborough is the largest holiday resort on the North Yorkshire coast, the oldest part of the town is situated in and around the harbour area. The town of Scarborough has been designated one of Yorkshire’s “renaissance towns” due to its popularity in tourism which was spawned back in the Victorian period and still vibrant throughout the year today.

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