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hotels in Dublin- Bongo CalfA rare addition to Dublin Zoo has been welcomed by keepers.

The endangered eastern bongo, a species of antelope, was born as part of the zoos participation in an international breeding programme to protect the animal from extinction.

According toKenya’s Bongo Surveillance Programme only between 75 and 140 eastern bongos remain in the wild, alarming figures that make the arrival of this uniquely coloured creature all the more special.

It is currently resting in its dense foliage, meaning visitors may not catch a glimpse of the adorable calf just yet.

The animal joins a spate of new arrivals at the zoo last year, with the birth of two new gorillas, a hippo, a giraffe and a pair of red pandas, which helped attract a record million visitors last year. Why not come and see the animals for yourself and take a trip to the popular tourist attraction whilst staying in one of the fabulous hotels in Dublin.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Drew Avery


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