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Dublin hotels - Edible ExhibitionAn exhibition recently launched at the Science Gallery inDublinis causing quite a stir, venturing for the first time into food territory.

The Edible exhibition aims at science with food and art, introducing the young and old to interesting perspectives on food consumption whilst exploring the relationship between food and geographical location.

One of the most prominent features of the display is a large, inflatable stomach resembling a bouncy castle that greets families at the start of the food centric experience. An educational and fun stage of the exhibition, children can learn about the various functions of the stomach and digestive system whilst bouncing around with free abandon.  It is the perfect cocktail for kids to learn and play, warming them up perfectly for the rest of the display.

Other exhibits include intriguing investigations into fermentation and taste sensations. It is a great activity to experience whilst on a short break to one of the fine Dublin hotels.


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