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A ski holiday for singles is a great way to take to the slopes.

Image courtesy of Flickr user nonanet.

Throughout history, the people of Scandinavian countries have been using skis to get around snowy landscapes. Whether it was to speedily get from place to place, move large numbers of soldiers around quickly and covertly, to ferry away children in the dead of night or to head out hunting creatures better adapted to the snow (like wolves or bears), skis have been vital in the development of most far northern European countries.

In fact, it wasn’t until after the halfway point of the 19th century that skiing became a recreational activity, and only after that that people began to holiday specifically in cold, snowy places so that they could engage in winter sports. After this happened, of course, skis began to rapidly change in design to facilitate better turning, less weight and other additions that made them more suited for what were quickly becoming “ski courses”. What for centuries had been used as a tool for hunting, military action or escape quickly became a piece of recreational equipment. It was also around this time that people began mostly skiing downhill, rather than engaging in the cross-country or Nordic skiing which had existed until then.

Now, Singles Ski Holidays are making sure that skis take on an additional task, helping you to meet like minded people that want to enjoy a holiday without all the fuss and hassle of arranging one. Ski holidays for singles are becoming more and more popular, particular in the way they let you enjoy a holiday just for you.


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