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For anyone looking for a great place for a well earned holiday or getaway into the English countryside where you are surrounded by beautiful and breathtaking scenery that has plenty of places for a host of rural activities, the Derbyshire Peak District is the right place.

The Peak District region is England’s oldest National Park. The region is made up of two distinct areas, the White Peak and Dark Peak. These places get their name from the visible landscape and their geological structure. The White Peak is highlighted as it is where the majority of the population live and the landscape reveals its lighter limestone composition. Alternatively, the Dark Peak is noticeably different, as the area is covered in a wide area of moorland and natural rock face structures coming out of the landscape. The local stone is dark and known as Gritstone. This area of the National Park is frequented by all sorts of visitors to the vast expanse of space, but the Gristone rock faces are a particular favourite to rock climbers who want to scale this unique geological rock.

Other pastimes and activities visitors can enjoy include walking, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and paragliding in and around the National Park, whilst you can also enjoy water sport activities like sailing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing in some of the local waterways.

So, if you are looking for cottages in the Peak District to enjoy your local Peak District Holiday, you will have many local activities and things see and do in one of England’s most beautiful National Parks.

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