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Visit the Grand Palais when staying in hotels in ParisAn exhibition from the first naturalist paintings to Darwinist studies of the animal kingdom is now taking place in the French capital.

Over a hundred paintings, sculptures engravings and bronzes all dating from the Renaissance are all on display at the Grand Palais in Paris, in a show which has been dubbed ‘Animal Beauty’.

Amongst the highlights of this unique exhibition include themed sections recounting and examining 16th and 17th century attempts to document and log the animal world through different techniques such as naturalist art, whilst a brilliant 19th century painting of two cats fighting by Spanish artist Francisco Goya is sure to impress and enthral art lovers.

A fearsome life-sized white polar bear sculpted from stylised plaster by Frenchman Francois Pompon in the 1920’s is another highlight. Be sure to drop in on this extraordinarily fascinating window into our evolutionary discovery should you be staying in one of the fantastic hotels in Paris.

Image courtesy of Suzan Black


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