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Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay are both situated on the beautiful North Yorkshire coastline and offer visitors a wealth of attractions and things to do as a holiday destination. So whether you are planning to be based at one of the hotels in Whitby or possibly Robin Hoods Bay accommodation you are sure to be well placed for all the local places of interest.

Throughout this area of North Yorkshire you will have a whole host of things to do and see around the Whitby area. One of the most prominent places which attract people in this part of the United Kingdom is undoubtedly the North Yorkshire Moors (or the North Yorks Moors as they are locally known as). The North York Moors are an area of outstanding beauty and a one of the officially designated National Parks on the British Isles.  

If you venture down into the older part of the seaside town of Whitby you find the historical cobbled streets and the quaint houses and brightly coloured fishing cottages which will eventually lead you down to the harbour of Whitby’s active fishing port. Here you can watch the local fishing boats come and go or unloading their catch on the harbour-side, or take one of the charter sea cruises to explore the coastline form the sea.

Robin Hood’s Bay is a village which is located in a sheltered natural bay looking out over the North Sea. Its fishing cottages huddle together overlooking the seaside vistas. This little village offers an unspoilt glimpse of rural life in this region, with plenty of coastline to discover and coastal walks to enjoy.


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