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Visitors to the Scottish capital this year should head to Edinburgh Zoo, where excitement is prevalent with a series of new arrivals joining an already impressive roster in the wildlife park.

A baby pygmy hippo called Eve, who was born at the zoo at the end of last year, has been venturing into her outdoor enclosure for the first time.

She was closely accompanied by her mother Ellen, who is mothering her second calf. It was encouraging signs for the tentative creature, who has been very shy in her fledgling years.

Senior hoofstock keeper at the zoo Donald Gow said: “It’s fantastic that Edinburgh Zoo has such a natural mum like Ellen. She’s got great maternal instincts. Baby Eve is Ellen’s second calf and both mum and baby seem to have a really strong bond.

“Eve is a little shy and tends to stick close to mum. She’s growing in confidence every day”.

The baby hippo joins much heralded pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang as just some of the exciting livestock available for viewing to the public. Come and stay at one of the lovely hotels in Edinburgh for the perfect city break.

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