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Dolls Store and HospitalThe popular Dolls Store and Hospital, which was threatened with closure last month due to increases in rent, rates utilities and insurance, has reopened in a new home.

Although the future looked bleak for the much loved store which has charmed Dublin locals and visitors for more than 80 years, an inspired response bordering on outcry from doll and teddy lovers helped ensure the stores survival.

An offer from the manager of the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre Mary Larkin caught the attention of the store’s owner Melissa Nolan, who had received several offers for a new residence.

She recalls: “Mary came in and spent about two hours looking at all the dolls and toys, and I think was so moved by all the customers coming in – some were crying. She came back to us with an offer that was very attractive”.

It could be a great place to buy a souvenir after a short break in one of the fine hotels in Dublin the perfect base for your Ireland experience.

Image courtesy of Flickr user infomatique

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