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When you build a house, one can expect to invest a lot of time and money in what is becoming an increasingly expensive venture. Dublin artist Frank Buckley took it to a whole new level however, when he eventually completed his home made from 1.4 billion euros of shredded bank notes.

The artist built his apartment-cum-gallery over a period of three months out of bricks made from mashed up decommissioned notes provided by Ireland’s central bank.

He has now opened his house to the public, which is proving to be a popular destination for tourists who are stopping off in one of the stunning hotels in Dublin for a relaxing city break.

Mr Buckley said:  “I am delighted this is creating a debate about money and currency – who gets it, who gives it, who makes it, what do they do with it. Even if it closed down tomorrow, it has worked.”

Image credit: Images_of_Money

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