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Edinburgh Zoo welcomes clan of meerkatsA family group of meerkats have arrived at Edinburgh Zoo after a deluge of requests by visitors pleaded to see the animals.

The small mammal belonging to the mongoose family, made famous by a certain television advert, have already proved to be a hit with the public.

It is the first time the zoo has hosted the creatures in five years, but head of animals at the visitor attraction was only too happy to welcome them back with open arms.

He said: “Edinburgh Zoo used to be home to a group of meerkats, and we’ve had so many requests from our visitors to bring them back that we’re delighted to oblige. Known as a clan of meerkats, we’ve dubbed our new family the McMeerkats.”

It joins a brilliantly diverse animal community at the zoo, including its famous panda enclosure. The attraction represents a perfect day out for any of those enjoying a break in one of the fine hotels in Edinburgh.

Image credit: Mikeb1028 (Flickr)


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