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lion cubThere have been yet more new arrivals at Dublin Zoo after two female lion cubs from France arrived at the tourist attraction to bed into their new surroundings.

A photographer was on hand to snap the cute creatures, which belong to the critically endangered Asian lion species. There are only about 400 remaining and their entire wild population can be found in the Gir Forest in India.

Officials at the zoo are encouraging people to put forward names for the cubs based on their Indian origin, with suggestions being accepted through the Dublin Zoo Facebook page, by email or by post.

Team Leader Ciaran McMahon said: ‘Both cubs are doing fantastic. At 19 months old they are still cubs, which means they are playful, energetic and a little cautious.’

Boasting a fantastic range of animals from across the world, Dublin Zoo represents a great day out for any of those enjoying a break in one of the idyllic hotels in Dublin.

Image credit: Tambako the Jaguar


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