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La Grande Classique set to return to Paris With such a wealth of tours across the city of Paris, it’s no wonder many choose to be acquainted with the many landmarks of the French capital. If you feel an urge to be active during your French escapade, why not sign up for the Paris-Versailles?

Otherwise known as La Grande Classique, the annual event has become one of the most popular on the city’s calendar, with thousands of people slipping into a sturdy pair of shoes to take part in the experience. Beginning at the steps of the Eiffel Tower, it takes participants on a 16km journey all the way through to the Palace of Versailles, breezing past numerous landmarks along the way.

The Paris-Versailles will be taking place on 30 September, with registration still open for the event. If you happen to be staying in any of the hotels in Paris over the date, why not get involved? Alternatively it’s a lot easier to watch the runners from the sidelines.

Image credit: Mr. T in DC (Flickr)



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