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New animal camera for Edinburgh ZooA new animal camera is being introduced to Edinburgh Zoo, following on from the success of the attraction’s penguin-cam and panda-cam.

The popular tourist attraction is launching a monkey-cam, which will allow visitors to the zoo’s website see squirrel monkeys jumping about in their enclosure as they play up to the cameras.

Among the stars of the attraction’s own version of Big Brother include 11 year old male Rio, who is the most dominant in an enclosure of 20 monkeys, which also includes four baby monkeys, Orla, Freya, Zipi and Eduardo, who were born in November last year.

Zoo officials will be hoping the new camera will be as successful as the panda-cam, which has reached one million views since being launched at the end of 2011.

One of many fantastic attractions dotted around the Scottish capital, why not see the animals up close and enjoy a fun day out whilst enjoying a stay in one of the fine Edinburgh hotels?

Image credit: Charlesjsharp


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