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New guidebook explores hidden landmarks of ParisWith Paris being home to a wide range of beautiful landmarks and a blanket of different cultures, it has always a been a hugely popular destination for tourists throughout the year. A brand new guidebook has just been released, unveiling a host of the city’s treasures for people to discover during their Parisian trips.

Created by the Metro line, the guide contains information surrounding 300 stops along the city, with historical monuments, museums, out of the ordinary boutiques and leisure activities amongst those uncovered across the winding streets of the capital. It also includes the location of the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Cathedral Notre Dame and the Champ Elysees.

One of the best additions is ‘The Place for a Rendezvous’ for each station, offering an instantly recognisable location at every station should you want to split from your party and explore different areas of the city.

With such a wealth of information crammed in the guide, it could provide the accompaniment for anyone staying in any of the hotels in Paris in the coming months.

Image credit: Sean MacEntee


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