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The Bagatelle Chamber Music Festival to return this summerA music festival celebrating one of the greatest exponents of chamber music in the world is returning to the French capital this summer.

The Bagatelle Chamber Music Festival, organised by local authorities in Paris and with the Association of Friends of the Octet of France (Association des amis de l’Octuor de France), will be taking place at the Parc de Bagatelle from 19 July – 15 August.

Founded by clarinettist Jean-Louis Sajot in 1979, l’Octeur de France cites its main objective to interpret the chamber music repertoire written between 18th century and the present day and will take centre stage at the venue throughout the festival. Made up of some of the most talented musicians in Europe, the group have also travelled to the likes of the United States, Spain and Italy to showcase their eloquent, yet obvious talent.

Why not check the event out for yourself whilst enjoying a stay in one of the idyllic hotels in Paris, the perfect base for a cultural European break.

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