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Californian sea lion pup born at Dublin ZooA Californian sea lion pup has arrived with a splash at Dublin Zoo, with keepers ‘absolutely thrilled’ at the arrival.

The adorable youngster joins his mother Seanna, his three-year old sister Flo and another female sea lion Cassie in their habitat.

The pup was born without the ability to swim like all other Californian sea lions, but it has already started getting to grips with the idea, with Seanna showing him the ropes in a couple of swimming lessons.

Dubbed the classic ‘circus seal’, the creatures can be very playful and the sea lion pen is a popular draw for visitors to the zoo.

Team leader at Dublin Zoo Eddie O’Brien said: ‘I’m delighted to say that Mum and pup are doing very well. Sea lion’s milk is so rich in nutrients and fat that our new arrival will grow very quickly.’

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Image credit: Teddy Llovet


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