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Taiwanese restaurant in Paris wins coveted awardA Taiwanese-style eatery in Paris has been presented an award recognising its unique food and high quality service following a glittering award ceremony, it has been revealed.

The France-based International Tourism Federation awarded the Momo Taiwanese fast-food restaurant the federation’s ‘golden chopstick award’, which recognises the Asian food industry, and is the first specialising in the Taiwanese cuisine to receive the accolade.

It is also the first time the award has been given to a fast-food restaurant, with the joint boasting delicious dishes such as salty crispy chicken, vegetarian bean curd rolls and pearl milk tea, using ingredients imported from Taiwan, and are considered specialities.

Visiting the countless number of cultural buildings and landmarks around the French capital whilst enjoying a break in one of the stunning Paris hotels can be hunger-inducing, so be sure to drop in on Momo Taiwanese or any other of the fantastic restaurants prevalent throughout this marvellous city.

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