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Dublin zoo welcomes arrival of African Bull ElephantIn some fantastic news for Dublin Zoo, it has announced the safe arrival of an adult bull elephant, the first of its kind for over 100 years.

Standing more than three metres tall and weighing at more than 6,000 kilo’s, 17 year old Upali is sure to be a great addition to the park as well as being a hugely popular spectacle for the millions of tourists who pass through the gates year after year.

Upali arrived from Chester Zoo on Thursday, acclimatising to his surroundings before being officially unveiled to the public yesterday, together with the newly constructed Bull Elephant House. Dublin Zoo will be the home for Upali for between 15 to 20 years, living amongst four females as part of the international breeding programme.

With as many as 600 different animals to discover, it comes as no surprise that Dublin Zoo has remained as one of the premier tourist locations for many years. If you are looking forward to a stay in one of the hotels in Dublin, why not come along and visit Upali and the new enclosure.

Image credit: USFWS Headquarters


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