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New penguin pool planned for Edinburgh ZooA new £750,000 penguin colony pool is being planned for Edinburgh Zoo, after the attractions current penguin residence sprung a leak earlier this year.

Many of the 160 birds that were based in the zoo were split up, with some going to zoos in Belfast, Dublin and England, leaving only a few behind in the Scottish capital.

But plans for a new enclosure will be greeted with great excitement by fans of our lovable, slippery little friends. The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland are now in the process of fundraising for the planned addition, which could include thrilling features such as diving boards, water slides and a beach for the birds, which would also provide a better view for visitors.

Penguins form part of a fantastic line-up of animals on show at the attraction, which has become one of the most popular in the Scottish capital. Come and see for yourself whilst enjoying a relaxing break in one of the fine Edinburgh hotels.

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