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Notre Dame most popular landmark in ParisWith its strong relationship with the arts and incredible landmarks, Paris has long been held up as one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Europe. In staggering figures released this week, it is believed that over 72 million people visited the French capital in the last year.

This is fantastic news for the metropolis, with many presumably staying in one of the many hotels in Paris in order to explore the city of love. According to Paris tourist officials, the most popular landmark is said to be the Notre Dame Cathedral, with 13.6 million people believed to have explored the iconic gothic cathedral which stands proudly on the River Seine. The Sacre Coeur Basilica came second with a respectful 10.5 million visitors, while the Louvre Museum welcomed nearly nine million people through its doors. The emblematic Eiffel Tower, meanwhile, didn’t disappoint either, fetching 7.1 million visitors of its own.

According to the figures, thirteen different sites across the city gained over 1 million visitors during the last 12 months, clearly proving the worth of the range of incredible landmarks and sights the city boasts. Why not book a city getaway to Paris this summer and explore the French capital for yourself?

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