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Paris city region approved to be pedestrianisedIt is believed that a stretch of the historic Paris city centre is set to be pedestrianised after it was approved by the cities authorities, in some fantastic news for the millions of tourists who flock to the French capital to stay in any of the hotels in Paris throughout the year.

The area in question is a 3.2km stretch on the left bank of the river Seine between the iconic Alma Bridge and the Musee d’Orsay, a popular region of the city thanks to its incredible wealth of famous landmarks and rich history. It comes after Paris Mayor Bertrand Dalenoe spoke of his desire to open the four hectare area by the spring of 2013, despite some concerns about traffic problems.

With it being close to some of Paris’ iconic facades such as the Eiffel Tower, Cathedral Notre Dame and the Louvre Museum, the new development would offer a fantastic new way to explore the landscapes of the city.

Image credit: Sean MacEntee


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