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North Wales is a fantastic destination to visit throughout the year, offering a plethora of beautiful landscapes and incredibly diverse wildlife combined with a great range of events for the whole family to enjoy. It is home to the stunning Snowdonia National Park, by far the best place if you want to witness some of the awe-inspiring vistas this region boasts. If you plan to visit the National Park during your North Wales cottage holidays, here is just a selection of the finest places you won’t want to miss.

We have to begin with Mount Snowdown. Standing at over 3500ft, it’s the highest mountain to be found anywhere in England and Wales, with the peak offering astounding views across the expanse of the National Park. Fortunately for sightseers, the mountain has had its very own train service to the top for over 100 years, meaning reaching the peak doesn’t have to involve a strenuous walk.

Next is Harlech Castle, a UNESCO Heritage Site which offers stunning coastal views. Built on a spur of rocks overlooking the coast, it offers simply astounding views across both the Irish Sea and stunning vistas inland. Once a formidable settlement, it holds a strong significance to the history of the area, occupied by monarchs such as Edward IV and Charles I during its life. It now stands as a fascinating tourist attraction, a favourite spot especially for history buffs who visit the region.

Finally, we have Shell Island, a unique area of Snowdonia which takes its name from the fascinating array of seashells which can be found washed up on its shores. It has become a popular hotspot for those interested in wildlife, with it also being highly regarded for the amount of wild flowers which can be found here.

While these areas are some of the finest that the region offers, North Wales has a range of delightful sights and sounds just waiting for you to explore. Why not book a stay in one of the Snowdonia self catering cottages today and discover the region for yourself?

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