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Amazing virtual supermarket comes to BarcelonaA unique shop has opened in a Barcelona subway station, which only has virtual goods and operates completely QR Code technology.

The Spanish supermarket chain Sorli Discau came up with the idea, which has been installed for the first time at the city’s Sarria station. With one vast line of two dimensional items spanning a wall along a thoroughfare, busy customers can choose from a range of around 400 products which can be purchased simply by being scanned with a smart phone.

Whilst it remains to be seen whether this method of shopping will become more widespread in the future, there’s no doubt that this unusual feature is worth checking out by those stopping off at the station on their travels around the city.

The Catalonian capital is at the cutting edge of technology and sophistication, and this innovative shop is just one of the interesting sights that you will be able to explore if you arrange a stay at one of the many great Barcelona hotels soon.

Image credit: Seth Anderson (flickr.com)


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