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New Louvre art wing to be opened by Francois HollandeThe long-awaited Islamic art wing at the Louvre gallery in Paris is to be officially opened by French President Francois Hollande on 18 September in the presence of several world dignitaries and officials, it has been announced.

The astonishing new gallery won’t be open to the public until 22 September, but those residing or visiting the cultural hub of Europe will have already been made aware of its startling presence.

Representing a stark contrast from the surrounding traditional architecture associated with the Louvre, its design has been described as a wind blown veil, scarf or sail, and glistens in the daylight thanks to its ‘scales’ of triangular panels, which have been installed to help protect any of the 18,000 pieces of art that may be affected by light and cementing a rather futuristic and digitalised feel.

Set to become the latest addition to the fantastic cultural landscape in the French capital, be sure to check it out whilst enjoying a break in one of the Paris hotels over the coming months.

Image credit: Debianux


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