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Parking charges to be reduced for drivers in EdinburghDrivers heading into central Edinburgh are to enjoy cheaper all-day parking charges after Transport chiefs confirmed their intentions to push through with the proposals.

Nine-hour stays in 530 spaces on 17 roads, largely on the outskirts of the city centre, could be cut to £2.50 as a result of the move, which has been designed to encourage motorists to park in allocated spaces rather than clogging up residential streets outside the charge zone.

It comes as good news for visitors driving into the city centre to take in some of the breathtaking sights on offer, with a vast array of cultural institutions to explore and enjoy.

The reduction in parking prices will be rivalled by an equally impressive range of public transport networks, including an extremely efficient bus service designed to accommodate visitors and commuters.

It’s another way that the city is making it easier for visitors to enjoy their stay, and means you’ll save even more money when you book a stay at hotels in Edinburgh with us.

Image credit: Paul McIlroy


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