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Whitby HarbourAnyone who plans to visit the beautiful North Yorks Moors and stay in a Whitby hotel or one of the Scarborough hotels in the area will have a superb selection of things to see and do in the surrounding countryside. Both Whitby and Scarborough offer a wide range of things you would expect from holiday coastal resorts.

Both towns flourished in the Victorian era when holiday resorts became popular with all of society’s classes. Today, both seaside resort towns offer a slightly different holiday experience for visiting tourists. The larger Scarborough offers a huge range of holiday activities you would expect from a holiday resort, including theme parks, clubs, theatres, amusement arcades, and a huge selection of tourist shops.

Whitby has still managed to retain an older feel to the town overall, with much of the oldest features still visible and available to its visitors, like the narrow cobbled streets, the old market area, Whitby Abbey, and the town’s wonderful historical harbour with its pleasure boast and local fishing fleet. Plus there are many historical houses, like the one which was home the historical explorer Captain Cook when he was a young man learning to be a sailor.

Other famous people who have been residents of Whitby are Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein, and Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula; this has led to Whitby being very popular for Goth-themed weekends and the many ghost walks around the historical parts of the town.


Image credit: Rick Harris – (Wikimedia Commons)

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