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Asian inspired arrangement unveiled at RBGEThe Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RGBE) has unveiled its latest arrangement, offering a chance to explore some of the most beautiful and elegant fauna found in both Malaysia and South-East Asia.

Called the Malaysia Glasshouse Trail, it was developed in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia and showcases a variety of plants native to the area which are highly valued for both their cultural and commercial uses. It will be a fantastic new point of interest for those staying in one of the many hotels in Edinburgh in the coming weeks, with some of the plants in the walk never before placed on public display.

It has also been announced that the RBGE display will feature the largest display of Vireya Rhodendrons as well as fantastic collections of African Violets, gingers and begonias.

The RBGE is undoubtedly a popular draw for visitors to the Scottish capital, attracting millions of people throughout the year. If you happen to be heading to the city in the coming weeks, be sure to stop by and check out this fantastic new arrangement.

Image credit: forestgladesiwander (flickr)


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