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Rare images of the British Raj have formed part of an exhibition called ‘Lucknow to Lahore’ which has opened at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Offering fascinating insight to the Indian subcontinent in the late 19th and 20th centuries, the photographs were aptly taken by Scot Fred Bremner, who methodically mapped out a four decade-long mission to document life in India under British rule.

Two dozen images form the crux of the exhibition, which has been chosen to open the season of photography set to grip the museum over the coming months.

The display also reveals the extent of Bremner’s travels, which included a treacherous expedition into the Himalayas on a pony where he captured tribal life.

Just one of many exhibitions taking place in the Scottish capital over the coming months, it could represent a memorable day out for any of those taking a relaxing break in one of the fine hotels in Edinburgh.

Image credit: Lt sumit


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