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Dublin could be welcoming some of the finest cyclists in the world after it submitted a bid to stage an integral part of the world’s second biggest cycling event.

Developed in collaboration with Belfast, the bid is for the opportunity to kick off the 2014 tour. With the proposed dates from the 2-4 May 2014, it could generate as much as £10 million for the local economy. With over 24,000 people staying at least one night in Amsterdam at the start of the 2011 event, the bid could see a huge influx in bookings at the many hotels in Dublin.

Pedalling slowly behind the Tour De France, the Giro d’Italia is considered to be one of the three-week Grand Tours of cycling, featuring as many 200 of the world’s finest riders put through their paces across hundreds of miles.

It could be fantastic news for the city, which has continued to grow in recent years to offer a host of incredible sporting events throughout the calendar. Further details are believed to be announced in the coming days, so until then everyone in the city is sure to have their fingers crossed.

Image Credit: Orlovic (Wkimedia Commons)


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