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While Dublin is a city renowned for its unique experiences, an event has announced its return next year that is well and truly a cut above the rest.Irish Bog Snorkelling Championships

Involving a snorkel, flippers and a lengthy stretch of water cut through a bog, it can only be the Irish Bog Snorkelling Championships. With next year’s instalment marking the fifth year of the event, it has since grown massively in popularity and provides a fantastic event for the whole family to enjoy, even if you don’t fancy getting into the murky water yourself.

The challenge is simple: getting to the end of a 120 metre stretch of muddy water as quickly as possible, using the snorkel to breathe and the flippers to help power you along the way. All proceeds are donated to the Cian Connelly Trust Fund, the charity of a local man who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

The Irish Bog Snorkelling Championships will be held in Castleblaney on the 15th September 2013. Just a short drive away for those staying in any of the hotels in Dublin during the period, why not come along and join in the fun?

Image credit: Retama (flickr)


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