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Robotics exhibition launches in ParisMan’s fascination with mechanics has never been as in-depth as it is today, with millions around the world taking advantage of robotics in one way or another.

Our unique yet ambiguous relationship with these machines – which ranges from interest through to distrust – is to be examined in a fascinating exhibition taking place in one of the French capital’s leading museums.

Titled Et l’homme créa le robot, it was launched by the Musée des arts et métiers and is running at the institution until March. Shedding light on the history of these fascinating machines, which stretches back for centuries, visitors will be able to investigate some of the oldest and newest machines around today.

Just one of many interesting exhibitions and galleries taking place in the capital of culture over the coming months, it could be a great display to visit whilst enjoying a brilliant European break in one of the fine hotels in Paris over the coming months.

Image credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre


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